What type of hair does Secret of Medusa use?

Secret of Medusa only uses the finest cuticle intact hair extensions. This means our hair has never been acid-dipped*

*Acid Dipped - Refers to hair that has been stripped to avoid tangling.

What is Remy hair?

All cuticles are laying in the same direction

What does cuticle intact hair mean?

It is considered to be the finest quality of hair because the cuticles are kept in-tact and not stripped or acid dipped.

What product do I need to use for hair extensions?

Use an organic or a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate strips hair of natural oil..

Since hair extensions do not get a direct supply of nutrients from your scalp. It's important to not use a sulfate product. This will avoid dryness.

When do I need refreshments?

Depending on the growth of your hair you will have to visit your stylist every 8-10 weeks.

i tip
M tip
C tip
E weft

Why do my hair extensions turn pink?

Any contact with tanning lotion or spray may cause color alterations to your hair extensions. Before visiting tanning salon, tie your hair in an up-do and use a plastic cap. This will help avoid direct contact.

Can I color the hair extensions?

Yes, you can deposit and lift our hair extensions. However, with our wide variety and selections please make sure to visually confirm your color with our swatch prior to making any color adjustments.

Can I sleep with clip in hair extension in my head?

We recommend removing your clip in extensions prior to bed.

Can I swim with hair extensions in my hair?

Prior to any contact with ocean, lake, or chlorinated water, we recommend dampening your hair with water and a slight coat of conditioner. This will prevent your hair from soaking up harsh chemical or minerals. Upon exiting the ocean, lake, or pool, wash your hair in luke-warm water with a generous amount of deep conditioner.

How should I sleep with my hair extensions?

We strongly recommend all hair extensions users to sleep with one of the following: low braid, pigtail braid, or a low ponytail. Taking those precautionary steps will reduce the friction caused from tossing and turning during your sleep cycle.

Can hair extensions be curled or straighten with hot tools?

Yes, you can use hot tools to curl and straighten the hair, but before using hot tools please apply heat protector spray. Before using hot tools, please make sure to fully dry your hair. Treat your extensions gently and just like your own hair

Can I cut my hair extensions?

Yes, you are able to cut the hair, but strongly recommend to get your cut done by a professional stylist (specializing in cutting hair extensions).

What is return hair?

Return hair refers to hand or machine tied wefts that have 1-2cm of short hair aligned at the top portion of the weft

Do hair extensions damage my own hair?

Why do I need to go to a certified hair stylist to install hair extensions?

How long must my hair be in order to add length to it?

In order to add length to your hair, you will need to have a least chin length hair.

How long do I have to wait after installation to wash my hair?

We recommend to wait for 48 hour (2 full days) for glue related extensions which are M-Tip, S-Tape and C-Tip. All other non-related glue extensions; I-Tip, E-Weft, Q-weft can be washed the same day applied to your hair.

How long do hair extensions last?

What is the difference between silicone lined tubes and regular tubes?

Is there any pain or discomfort with hair extensions?

If your hair extension is applied correctly by a professional hair extensionist you will not feel the discomfort. It is extremely important to find a Medusa verified or recommended stylist. Please contact us for more information.