Hair Extension Care Instructions


Every pack of Secret of Medusa hair extensions is filled with 100% Cuticle Intact A+ grade human hair, carefully collected and free of the harsh chemical processing and silicone coating that has become so common with other extension brands. Because our hair is truly a worthwhile investment and can be reused multiple times, it’s important to take the proper steps to preserve the extensions’ integrity and smoothness. Below are some tips for daily maintenance and care to pass on to your clientele. For more information, feel free to consult your Instructor or visit our website at

How to Properly Brush 

It may seem simple, but it is extremely important to understand that proper brushing is an essential part of maintaining the longevity of the hair. Proper brushing not only minimizes tangles, but distributes natural oils to keep hair luminous and glowing. Since all brushes are not created equal, we recommend that all extension users brush with the Secret of Medusa’s Ion-coated Paddle Brush. 

Brushing your hair extensions at least twice a day will help keep your extensions long, smooth and healthy. First, firmly hold the extension’s point of installation with one hand to prevent breakage or slippage. Second, as you keep hold of the installation point with one hand, use the other to brush from the mid-shaft down through the ends. Repeat as necessary, always remembering to stop and brush from a lower point downwards if you encounter a stubborn tangle to avoid breakage. 

How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Washing your hair is another seemingly basic task that has become almost instinctual to many of us at this point. Keep in mind, however, that even something as simple as shampooing requires careful attention for a long-lasting set of hair extensions. 

First, start by combing through your hair with a recommended brush, referring back to the proper brushing instructions if needed. Second, always wash your hair in the same direction as the water current. Avoid washing your hair in a sink, tub, or upside down to reduce wear on the cuticle. In the shower, slowly tilt your head back into a flow of lukewarm water, and use a little larger than a quarter size of Secret of Medusa’s sulfate-free Extension Shampoo. Lather the shampoo in your hands as much as possible before applying it to the hair. Third, using your fingertips, massage the lather all over the scalp in vertical motions, spreading the foam along the shaft and adding more shampoo if necessary. Repeat if desired. 

Fourth, once you’ve carefully rinsed the hair of all shampoo, squeeze a generous amount of Secret of Medusa’s ultra-hydrating Extension Conditioner into your hands and apply to the hair only from the mid-shaft downwards. It is extremely important to keep conditioning products away from the scalp and extension installation points, as products like conditioners, hair masks and oils can interfere with the bonds and create slippage. Finally, rinse your hair in lukewarm water and style as usual. 

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Extensions

It is always best to let your hair air dry. However, if you are in a time crunch and need to have your hair dried immediately, please note the following instructions:

Prior to blow-drying it is extremely important to protect the hair with either a heat-protectant spray or similar nourishing treatment to keep hair smooth and hydrated. Always dry your hair holding the blow dryer above your head, sweeping the air down in vertical motions. This will help reduce frizz and keep your hair smooth and sleek. 

Keep in mind that if you feel excessive heat on your scalp, you should lower the heat setting on your blow dryer or increase the distance between the dryer and your hair to prevent damage and over-drying. If using other heated styling tools after blow-drying, make sure to re-apply your favorite heat protectant spray. 


I-Tip (non-adhesive): While the exact time you will need to slide up your extensions depends on a variety of factors, we recommend the hair-extensions be readjusted at least every 6 weeks. This helps reduce tension and “pulling weight” contributed to the growth above your hair extensions

M-Tip (adhesive): We recommend that you allow 48 hours between the installation of your hair extensions and any contact with water. If this waiting period is not an option a different method is preferred, as water entering the keratin bond contributes to shedding and eventually leads to slippage of the extension. 

S-Tape (adhesive): There is no heat required for this method, and no heat should be applied to the installation point. Please allow 24 hours before any contact with water and only heat hair two inches below the bond when using hot styling tools.

Keep in mind that while it can be extremely tempting to touch, play with and glide your fingers over your beautiful new strands, being as gentle as possible with your hair extensions will maximize both their looks and longevity. 

Additional Client Care Instructions:


We strongly recommend that all hair-extension users sleep with their hair in a low braid, pigtail braids, or a low ponytail. Taking these precautionary steps will reduce the friction caused by tossing and turning during your sleep cycle, which contributes to tangling and loosening of the extension.

Excessive Perspiration:

Performing any activities that cause an excessive amount of perspiration is one of the main causes of tangling and matting. Always carefully brush and wash hair after performing such activities. If you notice a knot or tangle, we recommend that you start detangling from the inner side of your hair-extensions and work outwards.


Prior to any contact with the ocean, lake, or chlorine water, we recommend dampening your hair with water and a slight coat of conditioner. This will help prevent your hair from soaking up harsh chemicals or minerals. Upon exiting the ocean, lake or pool, wash your hair in lukewarm water with a generous amount of deep conditioner. 

Detangling Instructions:

Clipping half your hair in an up-do will allow you to work from the inside of you hair-extensions and out. As you hold down the point of installation with one hand, use the other hand to brush from the mid-shaft all the way down to your ends. Repeat until your entire head is tangle-free. 

Warning about Lotions and Sprays:

Pink or orange tones can emerge when the hair is exposed to summer skin products like tanning lotion, sunscreen, tanning spray, etc which contain the ingredient avobenzone. We recommend you dampen the hair and apply a slight coat of conditioner before any prolonged sun exposure and use a sun protectant that is avobenzone-free. Before visiting a tanning salon, tie your hair up and protect with a plastic cap to avoid direct contact with tanning products. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the hair after any accidental exposure.
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