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Your extension offerings with Secret of Medusa premium brand hair. 

A trusted no 1 highest rated quality brand used globally for over 10 years. 

Because ethical sourcing & quality is more important than a quick profit. 

Why Secret of Medusa?

Simply put no other brand offers the same Cuticle Intact hair quality, competitive price, and number of methods as Secret of Medusa.

Let's break down some other differences between us and some of the big extension brands:

Other Brands

Offer human hair extensions (sometimes blended with synthetic materials) that have been acid-dipped and chemically treated to remove the natural cuticle in order to speed up and facilitate the coloring process.

The hair is then sprayed with silicone to mimic the look and feel of Cuticle Intact hair. Once the silicone spray eventually washes off, the hair quickly becomes faded, tangled, and brittle. These big companies may market their hair as top quality, but admit it only lasts up to 6 months with proper maintenance. But why would they care? Selling cheap hair is more profitable since it means you'll have to buy more of it more often!

Secret of Medusa

Offers 100% Cuticle Intact human hair extensions that are NEVER acid-dipped or treated with a misleading overspray finish. Hair is collected in a braid and retains the full natural cuticle even during the coloring process, preserving the integrity of the hair to leave it soft, strong and manageable. Can last over 12 months with proper maintenance.

Other Brands

Make exaggerated, unproven claims as an advertising ploy. How many times have you heard, "We own our own factory", "This is virgin Remy hair from_," or "This is patented"? How many times have these big brands been held accountable and actually had to prove it? We'll wait...

Secret of Medusa

Aims to set ourselves apart by being transparent and open about where our hair comes from, how it is collected, and how it makes its way from the donor's head to the client. We're not ashamed to tell you about our company and our hair, and the quality speaks for itself.

Make more profit with Secret of Medusa...WE'VE GOT MORE!

In addition to the previously mentioned revenue opportunities, Your collaboration with Secret of Medusa provides an array of exceptionally enticing incentives that set us apart from many other well-known brands in the industry. We believe in rewarding our valued partners like you with exclusive benefits that contribute to your business's success and profitability.

Our commitment to your prosperity includes tailored incentive programs that are designed to elevate your earnings while enhancing the overall value you deliver to your clientele. These unique incentives are carefully crafted to align with your business goals and amplify your competitive advantage.

If you are interested in our incentives or want to find out more, just pop us a message via email or lnstagram DM's .


What do our clients have to say about Secret of Medusa?


See below what some of our clients who provide their clients withSecret of Medusa hair have to say.

“I've been trading with Secret of Medusa for 8 years now, the customer service is amazing. They are super helpful. My clients over the past 8 years have always loved Secret of Medusa hair and I've always worn the hair myself.”

– Dominique

“I absolutely LOVE the hair I purchase from Secret of Medusa. For me it is the best human hair available. It’s sooo light weight and looks sooo real no one can ever tell I have extensions.

Hollie is always soo responsive and helpful. She really goes the extra mile to help you find the perfect shade - sometimes this may mean mixing two wefts together when you put the hair in. She sends pictures of the hair in different lights also so you can make sure you get it as close to your colour as possible.

I have been purchasing this hair for over 7 years. I find it lasts really well when you take care of it (regular hair masks etc). I recommend Secret of Medusa to everyone. I’m very happy with the hole experience I receive.”

– Natasha Louise

Did you know?

Secret of Medusa were the first to bring flat wefts to the market over 6 years ago!

  • NO return hair – comfortable on head
  • Thin tracks – discreet, flat to head & fast drying