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We strongly recommend that all hair-extension users sleep with their hair in a low braid, pigtail braids, or a low ponytail. Taking these precautionary steps will reduce the friction caused by tossing and turning during your sleep cycle, which contributes to tangling and loosening of the extensions.

Excessive Perspiration

Performing any activities that cause an excessive amount of perspiration is one of the main causes of tangling and matting. Always carefully brush and wash hair after performing such activities. If you notice a knot or tangle, we highly recommend that you start detangling from the inner side of your hair-extensions and work outwards.


Prior to any contact with the ocean, lake, or chlorine water, we recommend dampening your hair with water and a slight coat of conditioner. This will help prevent your hair from soaking up harsh chemicals or minerals. Upon exiting the ocean, lake or pool, wash your hair in lukewarm water with a generous amount of deep conditioner.

Detangling Instructions

Clipping half your hair in an up-do will allow you to work from the inside of your hair-extensions and out. As you hold down the point of installation with one hand, use the other hand to brush from the mid-shaft all the way down to your ends. Repeat until your entire head is tangle-free.

Warning about Lotions and Sprays

Pink or orange tones can emerge when the hair is exposed to summer skin products like tanning lotion, sunscreen, tanning spray, etc. To prevent the effects of prolonged sun exposure, we recommend you dampen the hair and apply a slight coat of conditioner. Before visiting a tanning salon, tie your hair up and protect it with a plastic cap to avoid direct contact with tanning products. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse the hair after any accidental exposure.