Flat Clip-In 22" Hair Extensions
Light Warm Blonde #14


Color Details

#14 - Light Warm Blonde: Light Warm Blonde is a wearable, natural pale blonde with neutral beige undertones.


Comfortable, seamless, and made from the same 100% cuticle intact human hair as our professional methods, our Flat Clip-Ins set the bar for removable extensions. With silicone-lined clips to prevent slippage, these lightweight extensions are perfect for all-day wear and can be styled just like your own hair.

Light Warm Blonde is a wearable, natural pale blonde with neutral beige undertones.

Please Note: Clip-In and Ponytail extensions are NOT eligible for returns

  • 100% Cuticle Intact Human Hair
  • Total Weight: 100-130g
  • Pieces per Pack: 6
  • Recommended Amount for Full Head Installation: 1 Pack

Our Flat Clip-Ins are the perfect way to achieve the flawless, seamless look of professional extensions without having to commit to semi-permanent installation. Use all six pieces for glamourous length and volume, or give your natural look a boost with just two or three. Part your hair horizontally about 2-3” from the base of your hairline and secure the appropriately fitting Clip-In weft close to the scalp. Create another horizontal part one to two fingers width above the first Clip-In and attach the second piece, continuing upwards on the scalp and adding hair where needed. Typically, the 3 and 4-clip wefts are used for the bottom rows and the 2-clip wefts fill in the sides and top, but we recommend you try a few different placements to see what’s right for your individual needs. For added security, anchor your Clip-Ins by tying a tiny rubber band around a small section of hair corresponding with the location of the clips and attach the clip over the band.