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4 Celebrity Hair Secrets Every Girl Should Know

4 Celebrity Hair Secrets Every Girl Should Know

If you have always wondered how celebrities seem to always achieve the most glamorous, shiny, and beautiful hair, trust us when we say you’re not alone. What’s even crazier is that they seem to break every rule in the book when it comes to hair - using hot tools, tons of products, different hair colors, crazy hairstyles -  and yet these Hollywood stars are the epitome of hair goals. How can this be possible?! Most celebrities have a traveling glam team for makeup and hair. Sounds expensive, right? Well, it is, but not to fear! There are secrets celebrities use to keep their hair looking the way it does that we can incorporate into our at-home routine without breaking the bank!

We’ve put together a list of top five celebrity hair secrets from the stars and hairstylists on how they achieve their beautiful hair. Keep reading!


1. Take Your Vitamins

A healthy head of hair starts from within, and many of our trend-setting Hollywood stars with the best hair are big advocates for taking vitamins and minerals to ensure their precious hair roots are getting the proper nutrition they need to grow thick and shiny strands. Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry swear by their vitamins to help them have the beautiful hair they rock so confidently. Biotin (also known as vitamin B7) is one of the most important vitamins responsible for promoting healthy hair. Similar to other B vitamins, biotin contributes an important part in the synthesis of proteins such as keratin, an extremely important factor of having gorgeous hair. A great way to ensure your body gets enough biotin is by having a well-balanced diet. Many celebrity stylists recommend consuming foods such as milk and nuts to get those healthy locks. You can also take supplements as well to make sure your body absorbs the proper amount of vitamins and minerals for great hair.

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2. Always Protect Your Hair

Too much blow-drying, heat-styling, and using the wrong products will cause some major damage and can really wear out your hair, leading to dry and brittle strands. How do celebrities avoid this with their frequently changing hair looks? Proper protection! When doing any blow-drying or using styling tools such as curling irons, it is important to use heat-protectant spray, protectant oils, and/or serums to prevent damage to your hair and keep it looking healthy and soft. There are so many products available on the market, where do you begin? Not to worry, you won’t need the bank account of a celebrity to avoid this well-kept secret. Well-known actress Emma Watson is a big proponent in using argan and coconut oil to fight dry ends. Elizabeth Hurley, on the other hand, likes to leave conditioner mixed with olive oil in their hair overnight once every three months. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham wears a hat whenever she steps outside to add extra protection for her hair from the sun rays.


3. Consider Replacing Your Curling Iron

Curling irons are awesome tools to quickly accomplish those bouncy, tight curls or beach waves, but placing your hair under direct contact with high heat can cause damage, increase breakage, and weaken hair over time. Many of our favorite celebrities actually use good old-fashioned hair rollers instead to achieve their luscious curls, including Oprah, Fergie, Kate Middleton, and Emma Stone. This convenient hair routine is inexpensive and super easy to do at home to get heatless curls. You can even leave the hair rollers on overnight and just take them out in the morning and your hair is ready to go! Add hairspray as needed to keep your curls lasting through your busy day.


4. Use Wigs and/or Hair Extensions

A lot of times with celebrity hairstyles, if it looks too good to be true - it is! Many celebrities use the help of wigs and hair extensions to easily change their hair colors and hairstyles without the unnecessary harm done to their natural hair as well as to add depth and volume. Whether the reason is for a photoshoot, a movie role, walking the red carpet, or just switching things up, these Hollywood stars are able to change their hair without even batting a lash with the assistance of wigs or extensions to get the job done.

For everyone else who doesn’t have a full-time glam team to work on you head to toe, there are a variety of options you can choose from. There are wigs and hair extensions for purchase from super cheap brands that may have been made with harmful chemicals and synthetic material, to very high-quality, natural-looking, 100 percent cuticle-intact Secret of Medusa hair extensions that are minimally processed and can last twice as long with proper care. Not everyone can afford the most expensive hair wigs or extensions, but it is worth saving for when it comes to putting an investment into high quality hair for yourself. Don’t settle for any less, you’ll thank us later. Our wide selection of hair extensions, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for you 

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If you have longed to have hair like your favorite A-listers without breaking the bank, the hair secrets discussed above are great solutions to help get you on your way to rocking shiny and beautiful hair just like theirs! Remember, healthy hair starts from within, and the better you manage your diet or take supplements accordingly, the closer you will be to your hair goals. Apply proper protectant sprays and oils before using styling tools, and consider ditching curling irons altogether for heatless curls instead. High quality hair extensions can also help accomplish your desired hairstyles without damaging your natural hair as well. The options are endless! Make sure you check out Secret of Medusa for all of your hair extension and accessory needs. We’ve got you covered!

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