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Top Hollywood Celebrities that Wear Extensions

Top Hollywood Celebrities that Wear Extensions

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite celebrities always rock the most voluminous and luxurious hair, it is definitely no coincidence or luck they were just born with it. Believe it or not, the majority of celebrities’ hair is styled with the help of high-end extensions to achieve their desired look for their movies, photoshoots, and major events. Extensions and wigs have made switching up edgy looks possible, from sporting bold, electrifying hair colors to short bobs or long locks without having to stress their precious natural hair too much. Celebrities hire the best of the best hair gurus to transform their hair for every event, even hiring full-time glam teams to travel along with them.

You can achieve the same looks as your favorite celebrities using high-end semi permanent professional methods, temporary clip-in extensions, wefts, tape-ins, and more that we offer at Secret of Medusa. Not only are they a fun way to experiment with different hair looks, you can do them yourself or for professional methods you can hire a hair stylist to apply and remove the extensions for you! Most celebrities use professional methods, but many also use clip-ins for photoshoots and big events. Now with more options than ever, the sky’s the limit for anyone to get the hair they’ve always dreamed of.  Let’s check out the list below of our top stars in Hollywood who secretly use hair extensions to complete their amazing red carpet-ready looks.

Top Hollywood Celebrities that Wear Extensions

1. Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner hair extensions

Of course our lip and hair queen made the top of the list! Kylie Jenner has been known for her famous lips, but started to stand out from the rest of the Kardashian clan and Kendall with her bold and ever-changing hairstyles. The young Jenner was not afraid to experiment with colors other celebrities were not even thinking of doing at the time - from bright blue locks to highlight green, nothing was ever out of the question for this rising star. There is no question or secret, our biggest hair crush Kylie rocks those locks with wigs and hair extensions. What does Kylie’s natural hair look like, you may wonder? On a recent interview with Vogue Magazine, Kylie stated her real hair is a “choppy bob,” which she prefers that way, and that she loves extensions and “having fun with my hair.”  We’re sure that her short hair helps with managing the endless iconic hair looks to inspire everyone else in the game!

2. Selena Gomez

selena gomez hair extensions

One of our favorite singers, Selena Gomez also loves wearing hair extensions! This star has a versatile face that can pull off short and long-haired looks, so naturally, she switches from short to long hairstyles quite often! Selena’s natural hair is a healthy chocolate lob; this is her go-to look, but you will also catch her with beautiful long waves every now and then too. Even in her younger years circa 2008, Selena was photographed at several events with fun red peekaboo extensions under her natural brown hair. Although Selena Gomez is the face of Pantene, she willingly admits she uses a little help in the hair department to complement her beautiful locks.

3. Ariana Grande

ariana grande hair extensions

Our modern-day Mariah Carey, singer Ariana Grande is best recognized for her signature half-up pony hairstyle. Lately, she has been changing it up with a super sleek high and thick, long ponytail reaching all the way to her butt. It would be literally a dream come true if this were her true God-given hair, but we’re sure you’ve guessed it by now! Her voluminous, long do is accomplished with hair extensions too!  If you want to recreate her look, we at Secret of Medusa recommend following this awesome YouTube Hair Extension Tutorial to channel your inner Ariana Grande. Just throw on some cat ears after, and you’re golden! However, to remove your C-Tip or M-Tip extensions properly, we recommend using our effective keratin-dissolving M -Solution. Only a few drops of our S-Solution Remover are needed to safely take out your S-Tape extensions!

4. Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen hair extensions

There is nothing more attractive than a model with a quirky personality like Chrissy Teigen! This beauty never fails to keep it real for her fans, from teaching the importance of loving your body with her raw Instagram post after having her second child to revealing her bountiful hair is not all hers. Chrissy Teigen is admired by many for her brave and honest truth about society’s unrealistic expectations; she a perfect example for girls and women alike to embrace what’s real or fake and most importantly, to own it! It’s okay to enhance our natural features, just like makeup, hair extensions offer a nice boost to your real locks! Chrissy also showed awesome support for hair stylists, modeling for one of Priscilla Valle’s hair extension seminars. 


5. Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez hair extensions

This legendary performer not only continues to defy aging with her youthful glow at 49 years old, but our girl J.Lo was seen rocking a popular textured short bob at the Billboard Awards earlier this year, and then sport very long, silky hair the following week. Check out the super high and incredibly long tightly braided ponytail her personal hair stylist, Chris Appleton pulled off on her just this past July! Unless the latina goddess has found a magical way to grow long hair overnight, she has definitely gotten some assistance with some quality hair extensions and we’re loving it! There’s absolutely no shame in her game as she graces the stage night after night performing her insane dance routines with her gorgeous flowing hair giving us all types of goals.

The not-so-big secret is out of the bag, gals. Most of our favorite Hollywood celebrities have the help of professionally installed hair methods to enhance their beautiful features. Their stylists just do it so well, you can’t even tell! However, you don’t need to be filthy rich to hire stylists or glam teams in order to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted whether you are getting ready for an event or just stepping out for the day. You can do it yourself! With our top quality line of extensions and several methods to choose from as well as accessories, you’re set up for success whether you are a licensed stylist or just looking to have beautiful hair - we’ve you got covered! Feel the difference in quality with our comfortable and seamless 100% cuticle intact human hair. Don’t cut yourself short with cheap, synthetic hair. Hair is definitely one of those things you get what you’ve paid for. We believe one thing you should always invest in, is yourself.

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