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Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

Are Hair Extensions Uncomfortable?

Whether it’s a weft, clip-in, tape-in, or I-Tip, it’s going to feel a bit weird wearing hair extensions for the first time. You may feel just the slightest discomfort when the extensions are first installed, and that’s because you’ll have extra hair attached to your natural hair and that can take some getting used to.  But don’t worry—after a few days, you won’t even realize it’s there.

What to Expect:

There could be the tiniest bit of pressure on your scalp after you get your extensions and it’s most likely from the wefts being sewn into the braid in your hair, the clips and tape pressing against your scalp, or the tips gripping onto your hair. It’s completely normal to feel that way right after leaving your hair appointment, but the great news is, it doesn’t last forever! Over time, your hair grows, and the extensions loosen up and you won’t feel any kind of pressure anymore. This doesn’t happen immediately, but the pressure eases up after a day or two.

Another thing you may run into is itchiness of the scalp. Some hair extensions have a small layer of tiny hairs that start at the base of the extension, causing itchiness of the scalp and an overall uncomfortable experience. That layer of hair is called return hair, and that’s something Secret of Medusa extensions do NOT have. We have no return hair, creating a seamless and flat base that doesn’t irritate your scalp. But if you’re someone who has an itchy scalp, no matter what, there are incredible scalp scratchers made specifically for extension wearers! And we cannot forget some amazing scalp soothing sprays and oils out there for extensions and wigs.

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