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Which Hair Extension Method is Right for You?

Which Hair Extension Method is Right for You?

Which Hair Extension Method is Right for You?

No matter what look you're going for, Secret of Medusa has the perfect hair extension method for you. From quick and easy to high maintenance methods!


If you’re looking for something quick and with little commitment, we suggest clip-in extensions. Clip-ins are great for a last-minute change in your look or a special one-day occasion. You can take them out whenever you want and most importantly, you can do it yourself! You won’t have to visit a salon or stylist for a new look and can change up your hair in the comfort of your home. The downside to these extensions is that you cannot wear them for long periods of time and should be taken out before you go to bed. This style isn’t ideal for people with thinner hair, as the extensions can be heavy and really put some stress on the hair.


For a flat and seamless look, our S-Tape tape-in extensions are the way to go. Tape-ins add length and volume to your hair, making it look thicker without putting so much strain on your natural hair. No heat or tools are required for application, and it is the most comfortable and natural looking method in the hair extension world, at the moment. It’s also the fastest installation method if you don’t count clip-ins. You have to definitely pick a stylist with knowledge of the method and a company with high quality adhesive, as improper application can and poor-quality tape can result in messy application and strain and pulling on the natural hair.


The E-Weft method, also known as weave or sew-in extensions, are wefts sewn into a braided base on the scalp with a needle and thread. Since this is sewn in, there is no heat or glue required for application and is typically for people with thicker hair. This method is popular because it’s sewn down, which means it is seamless and cannot come off easily. Unfortunately, this method is very timely and because it’s tightly applied, it can feel heavy and uncomfortable when first installed. However, this method is timeless and has longevity that other methods may not have.


I-Tips application is a method where tiny sections of hair are pulled through a small bead/lock and clamped down shut with pliers. This method causes the hair to move more naturally since the extensions are strands, rather than large sections of hair. All of your hair will be left out without the barrier of braid that you would have with an E-Weft method. Because each section of hair is so small, the application time is pretty long and requires a professional who is skilled in applying and removing the method. If done wrong, it can cause hair breakage and damage.


So, what will it be?

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