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Best Winter Hair Routine

Best Winter Hair Routine

Did you know your hair changes with the season? Your hair actually gets much drier during the winter months, making it more prone to become frizzy and brittle. Due to the change in weather along with dry indoor heat, protective masks and moisturizers should be well-stocked in your home to combat the cold season ahead. Today, we wanted to help you alter your hair regimen to accommodate to the changes in weather to ensure healthy, glowing hair year-round! Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Best Hair Routine for Winter

1. Use Moisture-rich shampoo & conditioner

winter haircare

Lost moisture from the cold and dry weather should be replenished by using more nourishing products than you would during the hotter summer months. Shampoos that contain silk protein and borage seed oil are effective at treating dry hair while restoring strength and shine. Shampoo and conditioner formulas that contain amino acids, ceramide, and keratin are vital to locking the moisture in your hair through the chilly winter. Using leave-in conditioner is also recommended to rejuvenate your hair as well as protect it from static frizz. It’s also important not to wash your hair too frequently during the drier and colder time of year. Overwashing can strip your hair of vital natural oils that protects and nurtures your strands. Use dry shampoo between washes to help keep your scalp from getting too oily.

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2. Dry your hair before leaving the house

Although you might be used to taking a shower and rushing out the door to go about your day with your hair still wet, it might not be the best idea during the wintertime to do so. Cold hair actually expands the hair shaft, making your hair more vulnerable to breakage as well as cause  color-treated hair color to fade faster. Wait for your hair to fully dry before stepping outside, or switch up your routine to shower at night before you go to bed to be safe. If you absolutely must leave your house with wet hair, try to protect it from the cold and dry weather by tucking it under your scarf or hat to have as little exposure as possible. 

3. Opt for darker tones

dark winter hair

The sun-kissed golden locks are a great look for spring or summer, but not the best for your hair during fall and winter. Embracing darker hues are not only trendier during this time, it limits excessive dying or bleaching (known to strip your hair of its precious moisture) that usually comes with maintaining lighter hair. If your goal is to have healthy, shiny hair during the winter, it’s time to give your hair a break from the bleaching! If you decide you absolutely cannot live without coloring your hair, consider trying a hair glaze. This is a great alternative to tone your hair as well as give nice, warm tones without requiring permanent dyes. The hair glaze simply coats your hair with added pigment while adding a nice shine and gloss, lasting approximately a 1-2 weeks, depending on care. Although this is very temporary, alternatives like hair glazes can give your hair a much needed break from the harsh coloring.

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4. Deep-condition your hair weekly

Commiting to a weekly deep-conditioning hair mask will do wonders for dry, damaged hair, especially during the chilly months. Deep-conditioning hair masks are a great preventative measure to lock the moisture in your beautiful strands year-round. Hair masks work quickly and are highly potent to deliver you a huge boost of hydration and shine in under 30 minutes. There are tons of different hair masks you can find on the market, or you can simply create equally effective hair masks right in your kitchen - some of them requiring as little as just two ingredients. There are also hair oils and serums that you can leave on overnight for a deeper-conditioning if you feel that the weekly treatments aren’t cutting it. 

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5. Stay hydrated

stay hydrated winter hair

Having hydrated, well-nourished hair starts from within. Did you know your hair is made up of 25% water? Drinking enough water helps cultivate healthy hair from root to tip as well as stimulates a healthier scalp. Drinking adequate amounts of water also helps prevent scalp issues such as dryness, itchiness, or dandruff - a common nuisance in winter. Staying hydrated also contributes to less split ends, prevents brittle hair and causes less breakage. Dehydration also causes your hair to stop growing, so drink up, gals! Water is a key ingredient that supports vitamins and contributes to hair growth. 

You may notice your skin tends to change during fall and winter - so does your hair. Although we may not have made the direct connection, cold weather tends to contribute to dry hair in addition to other factors. Along with the season change, your hair routine could use a few adjustments as well to help ensure healthy, shiny, well-moisturized hair no matter what time of year it is! Follow our winter hair routine steps discussed above to make sure you’re doing what you can on your end to take care of your hair. It’s time to bring out the pumpkin candles, blankets, scarves, and boots again! Bundle up, ladies! Hope you’re as excited about winter coming as much as we are at Secret of Medusa! 

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