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How to Achieve Ariana Grande Hair Extensions

How to Achieve Ariana Grande Hair Extensions

Not only is the famous twenty-six year old singer constantly dropping the catchiest summer hits, Ariana Grande has become a fashion and lifestyle influence too. Everyone knows Ariana’s signature look cannot be complete without her beautiful, long, sleek ponytail. Her luscious locks has had girls wondering how to style their hair like hers and we’ve got the scoop on how to get her look down today! Ariana’s fabulous hairstyle may seem intimidating but it is possible! Like many things, practice makes perfect. Keep reading to follow the steps we’ve listed below to see how you can achieve the iconic ponytail style.

The Truth about Ariana Grande’s Hair

Have you ever wondered why she rarely wears her hair down for the past several years? In an honest and open post on Facebook in 2014, Ariana Grande revealed that starring on the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious from 2010-2013 caused a lot of damage and stress on her hair as she had to constantly bleach and dye it as required. Ariana bravely shared that all of the continuous coloring “completely destroyed my hair...I wear extensions but I wear it in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.” Wearing her hair in a ponytail with hair extensions seemed to be the only realistic solution as she nurtured her damaged hair back to health. Just last November, the petite celebrity showed off her new healthy collarbone-length haircut to the world. Fortunately, extensions allow her to quickly switch up her look as often as she wants.

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How does Ariana Grande Do it? With the Help of Hair Extensions!

First off, the Grammy Award-winning singer’s hair always looks extra thick and long. Ariana’s tied up hair tends to fall between 16-22 inches long. It’s not a secret she uses the aid of her gorgeous hair extensions to make it happen, especially when she just showed off dramatically shorter hair last year! We would definitely recommend shooting for getting longer extensions such as our 18” or  22” flat clip-ins that can always be trimmed shorter to reach your desired length! Keep reading below for a step-by-step guide to style your hair like Ariana Grande.

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Finding the Perfect Shade

Now let’s focus on the color of your extensions. Ariana actually changes her hair color up with the help of her hair extensions instead of having to dye her natural locks. Yes girl, it’s all an illusion! Ariana’s natural hair color is a deep chocolate brown and she likes to match her extensions to her dark roots and switches it up from time to time by going a little lighter on her ends, creating an ombre look. If you are worried that your hair color might not match your extensions, we’ve got you covered! Secret of Medusa proudly carries 37 different shades of extensions to choose from to match your every need.


How to Style Your Hair Like Ariana Grande



Most days you can find Ariana Grande sporting a tight, high ponytail or her other signature look - her half up, half down hairstyle that we’ve grown to adore. It’s been a very versatile and girly look that seems to complement any outfit or mood. Without further ado, here’s how to achieve Ariana Grande’s infamous ponytail:


ariana grande hair
1. Style your hair to match the texture of your extensions. For the signature Ariana look, we recommend straightening or styling your hair before adding the extensions for a smoother finish. 

2. Make sure your clip-in extensions are brushed and ready to install. Our Ion Coated Wet Brush is perfect on natural hair and extensions designed to distribute negative ions into the hair, resulting in shiny and soft locks!

3. Part your hair into small to medium layered sections using sectioning clips.

4. Lightly tease your roots one section at a time to add texture and volume for the clip-in extensions to latch onto without tugging your hair down. Gently smooth the tops of each section with a comb and apply hairspray for a firm hold.
While tipping your head upside down, start to clip in your weft hair extensions beginning from the bottom layers working towards the top. This is a great technique to hide your tracks when the hair is pulled into an updo, especially if you use smaller extensions as you reach towards the top of your head.

5. After all of your extensions are intact, collect all of your hair together, pulling it into a high ponytail with your hands.
Before securing your hair with an elastic band, brush your hair from front to back as well as bottom to top to smooth down any revealing teased hair. Tuck your teased hair into your ponytail to create a sleek, clean look. Add bobby pins for any flyaways, Using pins that match your hair color to be extra discreet.

6. Tie your hair and gently brush back any loose hairs with your teasing comb and pin them down. Bear in mind the pins will be easier to hide from the underside of your ponytail rather than the pins on top of your head. Don’t be alarmed if you end up using 50 pins, this is pretty much expected for a look this sleek.

7. Top your hair with a cute scrunchy or wrap a strand around the base of your high  ponytail and secure with bobby pins as Ariana often does.

8. Finish off your look by blending your extensions with your natural hair, re-teasing any sections of hair that fell flat during the process.

    Warning - you will probably fall in love and not want to ever style your hair any other way after getting this iconic look down! Your long, thick ponytail will have you feeling some type of way with a brand new confidence inside and out only a Dangerous Woman could have. Channeling your inner Ariana Grande just got one step closer with the help of Secret of Medusa’s 100% cuticle-intact premium hair extensions! Trust us, we’re obsessed with her hair too and can’t wait for you to try it out. Goodluck!

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