Do Tape-in Extensions Damage Your Hair?

With the evolution of hair extensions and wigs looking and feeling more natural than ever, it’s hard not to give them a try to give your hair a fuller look. With so many options available today, choosing the perfect type of hair extensions can be challenging and a bit overwhelming. Instead of jumping on whatever’s the latest trend at the moment, it’s more beneficial for you and your hair to take the time to take into account your hair type, lifestyle, as well as the look you’re striving to achieve when choosing the best type of hair extensions for you. Today we’ll be focusing on tape-in extensions, a very popular choice in the hair industry, and whether or not wearing them is good for your hair. Keep reading to get the full scoop!

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What are Tape-in Extensions?
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Like the name suggests, tape-ins are medical-grade adhesive wefts that are pre-taped and usually 1-2  inches wide. Like our other hair extensions, quality tape-in extensions from Secret of Medusa are made of 100% cuticle-intact, minimally processed Remy human hair. The adhesive is super thin, allowing for super lightweight and flat extensions that are comfortable and extra easy to blend with your natural locks. Our Secret of Medusa extensions are sourced directly from Asia to ensure the best quality hair on the market. The hair is carefully braided and collected with all the cuticles facing the same direction, allowing for less tangles, knots, and matting in the extensions during transportation.

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How Long do Tape-ins Last?

Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent, perfect for girls that prefer less maintenance on their hair. You might even forget you have hair extensions in since they require less work to maintain than some of the other extension types but still make sure you take the proper daily care steps as with all extensions. Tape-in extensions typically last 10-12 weeks, depending how fast your hair grows before it’s time to move them up. However, if you opt for synthetic or non-remy tape-in extensions, they will not last nearly as long due to the fact that they are made with low quality and processed hair, requiring frequent replacements and more hassle to care for. The adhesive from cheaper tape-ins also tends to be lower quality. Investing in a higher quality hair brand such as Secret of Medusa tape-ins will not only last longer, they will save you more time and headache. Our premium quality 100% cuticle-intact extensions won’t shed, mat, or tangle and can be reused several times before needing replacement.

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How are tape-in extensions installed?

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We definitely recommend getting your tape-ins installed by a professional because they require more steps compared to other extensions, such as clip-in extensions. After your hairstylist removes the backing of the adhesive, they will place a thin strip of your natural hair in-between 2 strips, to create a sandwich between the extensions. For thinner hair, you can use 1 weft with single-sided tape. Because the wefts are 1-2 inches wide, having your natural hair sectioned carefully and evenly is an important step to make sure your tape-ins are applied and secured properly to create a well-blended, natural look. The whole application process will typically take about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your stylist’s experience and how many packs of hair are used. 

For ideal results, your stylist should leave a bit of room between the adhesive strip and scalp to prevent from applying tape-ins too close to your hairline. Otherwise, you may have a hard time during the removal process, possibly causing damage to your natural hair and your extensions - the further the bond is from the root, the more likely it is to get tangled or tugged with your hair. Make sure you install your extensions to align with the roots. Extensions that are crooked may feel uncomfortable and may drag or slip out prematurely. 

Do tape-in extensions cause damage to your real hair?

do tape-ins damage your hair

Correctly applying the extensions can significantly reduce the damage done to your real hair. Tape-ins that are installed incorrectly or not cared for properly can cause breakage and other harm to your precious hair. Make sure your hair is strong and healthy enough to bond to the adhesive, especially if it’s your first time wearing extensions. Also, it is important to do a hair mask after removing your extensions to replenish and re-hydrate your hair. Attempting to apply or remove tape-in extensions at home can probably be the biggest mistake for most people because it is a complex process. We at Secret of Medusa strongly suggest leaving this job to the professionals to avoid some costly damage to your natural hair - Trust us, it’s simply not worth the risk for this one, ladies!


Tape-in extensions are a great choice for busy girls who are always on the go since they don’t need to be applied or reapplied too frequently, saving you time and energy! Tape-ins are safe as long as it is installed correctly by a professional, and cared for properly. However, don’t count the other types of extensions quite yet. Do some research before you decide which hair extension type works best for you. We carry several types of extensions to meet your needs such as C-Tip, M-Tip, I-Tip, and Q-Weft extensions. Keep a lookout on more blogs to come featuring Secret of Medusa’s premium extensions. We can’t wait to see the looks you come up with in your new remy hair extensions! Beautiful hair never goes out of style. Goodluck, gorgeous.

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