Top 4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Blonde Hair

Whether you’ve recently transitioned to honey, golden, or platinum blonde hair, it takes effort to maintain it to ensure it stays healthy, lusciously soft, and retains its vibrant color. Bleaching or lifting dark shades from our hair can be a very harsh and stressing process for your hair to go through and can strip your hair of critical nutrients and oils. With that said, color-treated blonde hair can take a lot of work and you may wonder what you have gotten yourself into...but not to worry, ladies! We at Secret of Medusa have the golden rules laid down to make sure your golden locks stay brass-free, shiny, and well-hydrated as you go about your busy days. Your hair will look seemingly effortless, (although we both know it takes some extra care...shh!). Keep reading to find out how you can maintain your fresh-looking golden mane guaranteed to turn heads as you confidently glide past, knowing without a doubt your hair looks good!

Top 4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Blonde Hair

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

blonde shampoo and conditioner

Because the journey to getting your hair to the perfect shade of blonde is so strenuous, it can result in a brittle and dry mane. Color-treated hair usually needs a lot of tender love and care to properly keep it in healthy condition. One important way to maintain your blonde shade is to use purple shampoo weekly to help brighten your hair while neutralizing yellow or orange tones.Unless brassiness is the look you’re going for, it’s hard to accept when your blonde hair tone starts to naturally lose its vibrant color. Unfortunately, the lighter color-treated hair will start to break down over time. Another great way of protecting your blonde hair is to use dry shampoo, as well as wash it less often to avoid stripping your hair of color pigments and natural oils that work to protect your hair. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are more gentle on your scalp. We also recommend using a deep conditioner once a week to help restore strength, moisture and shine, while repairing damage to keep your hair looking fresh and beautiful year round. 

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2. Keep your hair out of the sun

keep blonde hair away from sun hurts us to say this, too. As tempting as it is to be outside enjoying the sun during these hot summer days, overexposure to the sun not only damages your skin but your beautiful blonde hair as well. In fact, light-colored hair is actually more sensitive to sun exposure since it lacks dark pigments that protect your hair and the chemicals used to dye your hair lighter strips your hair, leaving it weak and susceptible to color fading and damage. The sun’s strong UV rays can also dry out your locks and cause your hair to turn brassy - a blonde’s nightmare! If you do decide to go out in the sun, we recommend wearing a nice sun hat or applying a UV/heat protectant such as
Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Primer (remembering to reapply regularly if you are outside for an extended period of time) to help prevent the sun from damaging your hair.

3. Protect your hair from the heat

(Youtube tutorial: Heatless Bouncy Waves)

Ladies, it’s time to put your blow dryer and curling iron down! Yes, it is so convenient and quick use heat tools to style your hair, but unfortunately, it is not doing any justice for your hair health. The less direct heat and chemicals you use to style your hair, the better. Hair curls are a favorite go-to look, and rest assured knowing you don’t have to give this up because there are heatless ways to achieve it! Check out this super easy-to-follow tutorial above to achieve bouncy curls without having to use a hair curler. If your goal is to keep the shine and moisture in your hair, try styling your hair using heatless techniques such as putting it in a cute bun, braid, or some sort of updo more often instead. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be willing to back away from heat styling tools for good! If you just absolutely cannot live without using heat tools, make sure you always use the proper protectant spray as well as deep condition your hair regularly for better damage control. 

4. Routine maintenance services

blonde hair routine maintenance

Getting hair gloss treatments approximately two weeks after each hair-coloring session is a great way to refresh your blonde shade, correct any brassiness, as well as restore moisture in your hair. You can get this done at a salon or apply an at-home glaze treatment yourself. Make sure you do root touch-ups as your hair grows and the natural color of your roots are exposed (usually within 2-3 months) if you want to keep your hair looking fresh and uniform. Another great product to ask your stylist about using is a quality bond builder like
Olaplex. This product not only enables your hair to lift to a lighter level, it can protect your hair from a lot of the damage that usually comes with lightening your hair. Consult with your hair stylist for expert advice on the best products to use on blonde color-treated hair to keep it looking vibrant longer. 

There you have it, ladies! Our team of experts at Secret of Medusa have discovered the secret and are dyeing to share with you! Make sure you follow the golden rules we’ve listed above to help keep your beautiful blonde locks in tip-top shape! Do blondes have more fun? You be the judge! Good luck, and remember to put your hair health first! If you’re still in the process of getting to the perfect blonde shade, hang in there! Lightening your hair can require multiple sessions, especially if you are starting with dark hair. It is important to trust your experienced hairstylist to lighten your hair safely to protect your hair health. For all of your hair extension and hair accessory needs, make sure you check out Secret of Medusa for high-quality 100% cuticle in-tact hair extensions perfect to suit all clients as well as professional stylists. We carry a huge variety of colors to choose from - whether you want platinum blonde extensions or searching for the perfect deep jet black hair extensions, we’ve got all the colors in-between. You won’t be disappointed.

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