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Good vs Bad Hair Extension Quality

Good vs Bad Hair Extension Quality

Good vs Bad Hair Extension Quality

Just like with any product out there, there is good and bad quality and hair extensions are no different. The price difference between synthetic and human hair will be noticeably different and you should be aware of companies advertising extensions as “human hair” for very low prices, as that could be synthetic hair or a synthetic blend. Secret of Medusa uses 100% cuticle intact human hair. An intact cuticle is important for the longevity and healthy appearance of the hair. The cuticles on our hair are aligned in a single direction, giving the hair a beautiful natural appearance and helps the hair remain just as shiny, soft, and tangle-free as the day the hair is installed.


    Do Your Research 

    As you’re doing your hair extension research, you have most likely come across products stating the extensions are Remy Hair. And like most people you’ve probably thought “What is that?”. Well, Remy hair is the Queen of all human hair options. It is the highest and finest quality of human hair out there because of the intact cuticles remaining on the hair.  It’s important to know that not all human hair is Remy hair. Again, Remy is different because of the intact cuticles, which means the hair strands are collected in alignment in the natural direction they grew, giving it a healthy and shiny look. While other processes of hair collection involve cutting the hair in any direction, destroying the cuticle. Remy hair is a bit more expensive than most, but the quality is worth it in the long run. Secret of Medusa uses 100% cuticle intact human hair and because the quality is so high, you will get the most use from the extensions and won’t have to buy hair for a while! 

     Have you ever heard of acid-dipped hair? It sounds a little harsh, right? That’s because it is. Some companies dip their hair in an acid bath, which is a chemical treatment used on hair extensions to avoid tangling, reducing the quality and feel of the hair. Hair usually undergoes this treatment because the cuticles were not collected in the same direction, causing the cuticles to go in different directions, therefore creating tangled hair. Like we mentioned before, the acid bath “fixes” this problem but acid removes the entire cuticle from the hair, completely ruining it and leaving the consumer with low quality hair that will not last very long. Secret of Medusa uses 100% cuticle intact human hair—no acid-dipping necessary.


    To sum it up: do your research, get the facts, and make a decision that's best for you.

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