When I’m shopping for Hair Extensions, what should I look for and how do I know I can trust what is being advertised to me?

Ok, this is exciting! Let’s start from the basics - when it comes down to it, that’s where we often learn the most! Whether you’re just starting to shop for extensions or have been in the industry for years, you’ve probably heard terms like Premium Hair, Remy Hair, 100% Human Hair, European Hair, Asian Hair, Indian Temple Hair and oh-so much more. It can seem like a whirlwind to keep track of, but don’t let this intimidate or confuse you! We are going to help you determine the best quality of hair-extensions to use, and what it is that you should really be looking for.

There are many claims about hair follicles being "100% Remy Hair,” right? Well...

Our goal is to make it absolutely clear to our consumers what you are purchasing. Originally the term "Remy" refers to hair cuticles that run in the same direction. However, currently in the market "Remy Hair" refers to hair that has been stripped away of hair cuticles through a process of "acid dipping". It is extremely important to be able to distinguish whether the product you are purchasing is "Cuticle Intact Remy" and not just "Remy”. Cuticle Intact Remy is the most compatible and recommended product for hair extensions.

So on that note, Secret of Medusa hair is, in fact, 100% Cuticle Intact Human Hair, never acid-dipped. When cuticles are all facing the same direction (as they do naturally) this retains the integrity of the hair and decreases chances of tangling and dullness for a healthy, natural look.

So a quick re-cap… Remember that cuticle intact Remy hair along with proper maintenance determines the longevity of your hair-extensions. Stay tuned for the next blog where we will go over proper maintenance specified to your daily routine.

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