How Do I Brush My Extensions?

Seems simple enough, right? However, understanding that brushing your hair is an essential part in maintaining the longevity of your hair-extensions is key. So here are some extremely important tips: 

Since all brushes are not created equally, we highly recommend that all extension users brush with Medusa's Ion-Coated Wet Brush or Compact Detangler. Extensions should be brushed at least 3 times a day - once being in the morning, again in-between lunch hours, and finally before bed. It is also crucial that you brush your hair before washing the extensions! When brushing your hair-extensions or if you notice a tangle or slight knot, begin by clipping half of your hair in an up-do. Then work from the inside of your hair-extensions and out. Remember to hold down on the point of installation with one hand, use the other hand to brush from the mid shaft all the way down to your ends. Keep doing so until your hair feels soft and silky.

So to wrap things up, brushing your hair is one of the smallest things to do that will make the biggest difference! So make it a habit and treat your hair right! 

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