4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles with Extensions

What is a better way to feeling and look your best? As we all know, having beautiful hair is one of the best ways to boost your mood and your confidence. Hair extensions can be a great and convenient aid in achieving the hairstyle you’ve always wanted. We all would like to switch up looks every now and then, and it’s important to know how to style your hair in ways to enhance your look without always having to go to a professional hair stylist. Not sure what hairstyles work best with hair extensions? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of 4 effortless hairstyles that work with different types of hair extension method that you can tackle yourself without much hassle.


1. Beach Waves

Effortless, soft, beachy waves are an easy hairstyle that is always in style whether you have sew-in, clip-ins, or fusion extensions. The key to achieving the beach wave hairstyle without much hassle is to have the proper products and tool. This popular hair look is a favorite go-to style that works well for pretty much any occasion. Beach waves are super versatile, flattering for both long and short hair extensions and can also hold their shape for days. To get this look down, use a wand as your styling tool or the two-strand twist method to avoid heat damage. Lightly spray water on your hair and apply some light styling mousse to your hair before twisting. Either method can help you achieve and lock in the beach waves without the frizziness. If you don’t have much time to spare, your best bet will be to use the wand heated set at about 350 degrees. As always, use the proper heat protectant spray before applying heat to avoid damaging or frying your hair!

2. Slick-back Low Ponytail

The simple yet sleek slick-back ponytail never fails to achieve an understated, timeless look for a conservative event. This type of ponytail never goes out of style and is an easy, quick way to pull back your hair. The major key to this look is to make sure the hair is as slicked back as possible. To make this possible, use edge control pomade to give your slick-back low ponytail a shine as well as keep the baby hairs under control. You can part your hair on a side part or down the middle and begin brushing your hair back with our Ion Coated Wet Brush to form the ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

3. Messy Bun

The messy bun is a definite go-to for a cute, casual, yet flirty look especially when you’re on the go. This hairstyle goes great with clip-in hair extensions because you can easily alter and manipulate the hair to your liking. You just have to make sure you place your clip-ins in the right direction for this look. Clip-ins are very flexible and work great with updos such as this. After you have installed the hair extensions near the parameters of your head, simply grab a handful of hair at the front to lightly tease with a brush and bend your head down to gather the rest of your hair and tie together inside out in a high bun and tease and fluff out to your desired “messy” look. Tuck loose ends and strands in the hair tie and bun as necessary, and discreetly secure with bobby pins if needed.

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4. Braids

Wearing braids are a great way to tuck back hair in a clean way while seamlessly blending in your natural hair with our 100% cuticle intact hair extensions. Braids work well with tape-in or clip-in extensions. Just make sure your tape-ins are tucked in correctly and braid away! Braids and twists are the perfect go-to for a bad hair day, if your hair just isn’t cooperating, or to pull your hair away from your face with a more polished effort than just tying your hair back. Braids help blend the extensions with your natural hair, leaving everyone in awe of your voluminous locks.

    Quick tip for a bad hair day with extensions

    If you feel your hair just will not cooperate no matter how you style it and you need to start over, spritz your hair with water using a spray bottle, brush through the slightly damp hair, and blow dry. This is an easier and quicker fix if you don’t have time to jump in the shower and wait for your hair to completely dry before styling. Blow drying the slightly damp hair will help allow better control of styling your hair the way you want it. The quality of your hair extensions themselves also matter. If you have salon-quality hair extensions and keep them well-maintained, you will usually have fewer bad days (if any at all)!

    What to do with frizzy ends

    This can happen every once in a while, and an easy fix is to lightly spritz in leave-in conditioner spray on your frizzy ends. The leave-in conditioner will restore nourishment, moisture, and help repair your hair without having to worry about slipping any of your hair extensions using traditional conditioners. For normal use, our Secret Conditioner paired with the Secret Shampoo is designed for every customer, whether you have colored hair, extensions, or completely virgin hair, contains a completely natural formula free of harsh sulfates and parabens leaving your hair super clean, shiny, and soft. Avoid applying conditioner to the base of your tape-in extensions to prevent the extensions from slipping or falling.  

    With quality hair extensions we offer at Secret of Medusa, there is no doubt you will go into the world looking and feeling your best! Try out some of the hairstyles we suggested with extensions above to get you started, and there are many others as well and see which you like best. Remember, the hairstyles will work better if you start off with a strong foundation with high-quality hair extensions that are properly maintained. Good luck, and happy styling from all of us at Secret of Medusa to you!

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