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5 Fun Facts about Clip-in Hair Extensions

5 Fun Facts about Clip-in Hair Extensions

When it comes to getting the hair you’ve always wanted, extensions can be a girl’s best friend. Clip-In extensions are an easy and quick way to temporarily change your entire look without commitment, and without damaging your natural hair. Clip-Ins are a convenient way to add length, volume, color, or all three. Whether you’re already an experienced clip-in enthusiast or just curious to try them for the first time, check out our list of fun (and possibly surprising!) facts about Clip-In Extensions.




1. Clip-in Extensions Hold Curls Better

clipin extensions hold curls better

Clip-ins are considered fairly easy to style and hold curls because the hair is processed. This helps ensure your hair stays put and voluminous throughout a fun-filled day or a good night out. Make sure you use proper heat protectant spray and hair spray to help your beautiful locks stay in place. A great tip for-long lasting curls is to pin each curled clip-in with a large hair clip for as long as possible before you step out (maybe even do this the night before). You can curl your natural hair as needed the day of, remove the large hair clips holding the wefts in place, and attach your clip-ins.


2. Practice makes perfect

The first few times you use clip-in extensions may take extra time to get used to the process, but once you get the hang of it, attaching hair clips will become second nature to you. Just like mastering the art of applying and removing eye contacts, hair clip-ins will take minutes to install. There is no other method that takes so little time to get the hair of your dreams with this ease and convenience! Not to mention it looks like you took extra time to look well-groomed and presentable.


3. Extension clips are replaceable

If your clip-ins become damaged over time, don’t be too quick to throw the whole thing away! If the wefts seem undamaged, you can easily extend its lifespan by detaching the damaged clip and sew in a replacement.


4. DIY extensions
DIY hair extensions

You can actually make your own custom clip-in extensions at home! If you’re feeling crafty and up for the challenge, all you need are some weft extensions, clips, thread, needle, and some scissors. There are plenty of tutorials you can find online, but pretty much you will need to cut the weft extensions to your desired width, sew in the clips and you’ve just created your own extensions. Otherwise, you can just buy premade extensions if you don’t want to bother with the hassle. Secret of Medusa carries the top of the line wefts, clips, as well as clip-ins for your convenience.

5. Clip-ins have been around ...for a long time!

Believe it or not, clip-ins have not been a recent fact, wigs and hair extensions date back to 3400 BC in ancient Egypt. The wigs at that time were sewn-on hair pieces made of human hair and sheep wool.  Beeswax and resin were used to glue and attach extensions and the egyptians would dye the hair and sheep wool using lead and henna. Wigs and extensions of the early days were definitely nowhere near as high of quality and realistic as the ones of today, but the Egyptians sported some very intricate braided and layered extensions.

Clip in Extension Tips!

  • Removing clip-ins with care
    Even though clip-ins are quick and easy to remove, it is important to be careful while you remove them to prevent from pulling out your real hair. A great tip is to gently comb or brush your hair to detangle any knots and separate the clip-ins from your hair. Then, part your hair in sections with exposed clip-ins and carefully and slowly slide them out of place. Yanking or handling your extensions too roughly may cause damage or breakage to your real hair.

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  • Avoid sleeping with clip-ins
    don't sleep with clipin extensions
    We definitely do not recommend sleeping with hair extensions because you may risk tangling or pulling your clip-ins throughout the night. We suggest removing them before you get in bed or securing all of your hair in a bonnet or scarf to help stay in place during the night for situations when you are unable to remove your clip-ins.

  • Give hair breaks
    Wearing clip-ins for an extended amount of time may take a toll on your real hair. Ensure your natural hair health by taking breaks in-between extension use without having the weight of extensions on your hair.

  • Choose lightweight extensions
    Try to find extensions that are lighter in weight, especially for regular daily use to put less stress on your hair especially if you have fine or thin hair. Finding clip-ins that have thinner individual hair strands and weigh less will prevent causing more damage to your real hair. Our clip-ins at Secret of Medusa are flat, lightweight, super comfortable, and 100% cuticle intact natural human hair.

  • Limit applying heat
    Frequently using hair styling tools that require high heat such as blow dryers, hair curlers, and straighteners can create heat damage and breakage to your natural hair, even through the clip-ins. A good tip is to style your clip-ins (curling, straightening, blow drying, etc.) before attaching to your natural hair.  Make sure you use heat protectant spray to add some natural moisture to your hair while adding extra protection from any potential heat damage.

  • If you are considering trying clip-ins for your first time, don’t wait any longer! There are no comparable and convenient methods out there for fuller or longer hair than clip-in extensions! Make sure you check out Secret of Medusa for the best quality hair quality extensions and accessories on the market for consumers and stylists! Our goal is to provide the most reliable, long-lasting, minimally processed products for our customers because that’s what you deserve..only the best!

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