How Do I Wash My Hair with Extensions?

Washing your hair is just something we do subconsciously, it’s an instinctual thing at this point. However, let's keep in mind that something this basic still requires careful attention for a long lasting set of hair-extensions. Prior to washing, comb through your hair with the detangling brush. Brush the hair in a vertical motion from the top shaft downward. Then you are all set to wash up! When Shampooing we recommend that you wash your hair in lukewarm water and in the same current as the water flow. Begin with the water slowly and avoid washing your hair in a sink, tub, or upside down. By using your fingertips, lather the foamed hydrating shampoo on your hair in a vertical motion. Once you wash all the hydrating shampoo off you can start to condition. Apply a generous amount of conditioner but make sure to condition only from the mid shaft of your hair and down. Let it seep in for 3~5 minutes then wash it off. Once you can feel that all the product is removed, towel dry and follow with brushing instructions that we went over in secret #2! Finish up with your favorite leave-in conditioner and you're all set!

Recap time! The most important thing to remember in the washing process is, wash in a vertical motion. Stay tuned for Secret #4

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