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5 Ways to Achieve a Thicker Ponytail

5 Ways to Achieve a Thicker Ponytail

For some gals with thinner hair, getting a thick ponytail may seem out of reach. While ponytails can look extremely luscious and voluminous on some, others sometimes end up with a less than flattering ponytail that just falls flat. Have no fear! We’re ending those sad, limp ponytails once and for all today with some tips and tricks that will leave you with that sexy, thick ponytail you’ve always wanted, regardless if you have thin hair or not. Keep reading to see how you can feel confident with your hair up, especially during those hot summer days!

1. The double-pony trick
double ponytail

This trick has been a popular go-to trick to bump up some volume in your tied up hair within a couple minutes! This trick will allow your updo to appear thicker and longer while adding a nice lift to it. To achieve this look, part your hair horizontally from ear to ear into two equal halves. Using a hair tie, secure the top half into a ponytail (tight, or loose depending on the look you’re going for), and secure the bottom half into a ponytail right under the top one. Conceal the hair ties by wrapping a small section of hair around the base from the top ponytail and secure it using a bobby pin away from view. Lightly tease some inner layers of the bottom and top pony tail to add more texture and volume. Lightly comb through the top of the tied hair to blend the two ponytails together, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a beautiful, full and long mane.

2. Bobby pins
bobby pins

Often times, tying up fine hair will cause it to look even thinner due to the lack of lift the roots have to begin with. To add some life into your tied hair, simply tie your hair in a ponytail and stick two vertical bobby pins underneath your ponytail (through the hair tie as well). Try to find use bobby pins that match closest to your hair color for extra stealth. Gently brush through your ponytail with our Compact Detangling Brush to smooth it out and make sure the bobby pin is concealed. Fluff up your hair with your fingers to add some extra volume and perk to your ponytail, and you’re ready to take on the day with the extra bounce in your locks.

    3. Curl it and give it a tease
    curl hair

    If your hair is naturally straight, a great way to add some dimension and life to it, is to curl it. The curls will help add texture and bounce to your hair, while making it more manageable and easy to style. After curling your hair, you will want to lightly mist your hair with some hair spray and fluff your hair up to keep your curls lasting throughout the day without having to worry about it falling flat. After you have gone through and sprayed the inner layers of your hair, start teasing your hair one section at a time with a rat-tail comb, using sectioning clips to part your hair. Make sure you tease from the back side of the hair section to conceal the teasing! Lightly mist your hair with hairspray again if needed. Now, gently pull your hair back and tie into a ponytail, leaving it looser on top to avoid flattening the teasing. Smooth back the teased hair with your hands or a brush and you’re ready to go!

    4. Extensions

    Never feel self-conscious before leaving your house ever again, with the help of good quality fail-proof hair extensions! You can be rest assured you’ll have a fabulous hair day every day. Hair extensions can allow you to achieve any type of hair style or look you’d like. We offer several types of hair extensions at Secret of Medusa to meet everyone’s needs. Turn an E-Weft into a clip-in with our hair extension clips! The awesome easy-to-follow tutorial inserted above features clip-ins to achieve the perfect glamorous half-up ponytail! In this video, the model secures several clip-in extensions towards the midsection of their hair to fluff up the volume as well as hide the extensions from view, uses a bun, as well as curls to thicken up her hair! The only thing we’d suggest differently is to use higher quality extensions from Secret of Medusa. Most hair brands only offer their best quality extensions and hair clips for professional methods, while we pride in providing only the best quality extensions for all of our clients. Clip-ins are easy to use, and quick to install when you want to save some time.

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    5. Use a mini clip
    mini hair clips ponytail

    You can also use a mini hair clip to give the illusion of thicker locks! This super quick and easy fix only requires you to secure your hair in a basic ponytail and split your hair horizontally. Using a mini hair clip, close the claw over the bottom section of the base and drape the upper section of your hair over it. Again, try to find a hair clip color closest to yours for easy concealing. This trick will give your hair an extra lift and thickness without having to do any teasing or using any products. Using a mini clip to add volume to your hair takes the cake for the least amount of time - using merely seconds to accomplish this look!

      So, there you have it gals! We’ve listed 5 super easy ways to achieve the thicker and fuller ponytail you’ve always wanted, with many of the tricks requiring only a few minutes from start to finish. Sadly not all of us were blessed with naturally thick hair, but thank goodness there are life hacks to make it happen for everyone. For all of your hair needs, we’ve got you covered! Make sure you check out Secret of Medusa for all of your quality 100% Cuticle Intact human hair extensions, accessories, application tools (for licensed stylists), and more!

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