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5 Hair Hacks to Enhance Your Holiday Look

5 Hair Hacks to Enhance Your Holiday Look

With the sleigh bells ringing right around the corner, you know the holidays are quickly approaching and girl, you’ve got to slay! With the winter season coming along, there’s no doubt your already hectic schedule will be filled with Christmas shopping, family/friend gatherings, and company holiday parties to look forward to. We love to dress up this time of year and we’ve compiled some helpful pro tips to help dress up your hair to match your cute winter looks! Keep reading to find out more about how you can get more festive this year!

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5 Hair Hacks to Enhance Your Holiday Look

1. Style your extensions ahead of time

style extensions ahead of time

Always on the go in the morning? Try to set aside some time the night before a big event to style your Secret of Medusa weft extensions the way you’d like them so they’re ready to go! This will allow less time required in the morning to manage your own hair and attach your clip-in extensions. You might even shave off some minutes to allow more time for a little extra touch on your makeup or maybe even enjoy some breakfast before you head out the door! The options are endless. Not sure how to style your hair? Check out our blog on 4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles with Extensions to get some ideas!

2. Have more than one set of extensions

Double down by doubling up on your hair! It’s always fun to switch up your hair looks when you have so many places to be this winter and so many people to see! If you wear your hair extensions often or just want to save some precious time, it can be beneficial for you to own more than one set of extensions, one set curled and the other straightened to cut down even more time that would be used to style. You can even choose the day of which style you feel like doing depending on your mood or outfit. This technique will also help extend the life of your extensions, since you will alternate using  each set of hair. 

3. Add volume

volume winter extensions

Sometimes, all you really need to elevate your hair this holiday season is to add more volume to it! Tape-in extensions are great for adding volume with thicker segments of hai attached to double-sided keratin tape, secured by sandwiching the tape between your natural strands. Having semi-permanent extensions professionally installed are a great way to add volume in your hair for the entire holiday season since they can last well over 3 months, depending on proper hair care and maintenance. 


4. Try a new look

If you’ve been feeling unmotivated to dress up but have been wanting to try out some new looks with minimal effort, check out this video above for some inspiration! The hairstyles demonstrated are super simple and easy to do while still super festive for the colder season. Trying a new hairstyle on your hair can also help boost your confidence and can jumpstart your inner Christmas spirit.

5. Accessorize!

The demand for hair accessories are higher than ever! Not only are they super easy to put on, it adds a feminine flare and much more character to your look. You can even have plain everyday hair and just add a cute barrette, pearl clip, headband, etc. to give your look a nice pop of excitement. If you aren’t short on time, you can curl your hair and add the hair accessories for an added pop. We at Secret of Medusa especially love a deep side part moment with some curls and rhinestone hair clip to make it even more chic during this autumn and winter season. 

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We hope you’re as excited as we are to kickoff winter with stylish hair to match your warm outfits. Whether it’s preparing your hair extensions the night before, owning more than one set of extensions for versatility, adding volume, trying a new festive style, or accessorizing your hair with some barrettes or clips, you’ll be sure to make a statement with your hair looks. 

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